Episode 19: Jezebel Express


Jezebel Express

A veteran NYC burlesque dancer who has been performing, teaching, and traveling the globe to shake and shimmy for over 10 years. 

Jezebel discusses what it was like after talking about her stroke on the Risk! podcast. She talks about the changes that followed, including her love of travel (and my apparent hatred of sailing), re-learning to use her body, and why we should remember every day the wonder that is our ability. We talk about the beginnings of her ASK JEZEBEL web page and what comes next. Jezebel breaks down the ridiculous standards of perfection that women face and how the beauty and fashion industry collect on our insecurities. I will leave you with a quote: " You are perfect just the way you are. You do not need to change to deserve love or respect. There are billions of ad dollars devoted to making women feel bad, because we ask for less and spend more when we believe we’re not worthy. It’s not your fault if you have those feelings, but I do want to affirm that you are good enough, right here, right now."

EMAIL ASK JEZEBEL QUESTIONS TO: bossasspodcast@gmail.com

Photo by Natasha Gornik

Episode 18: Ben Franklin





Creativity is a fucking work ethic

In this episode, the phenomenal Ben Franklin takes us on his journey of starting in musical theater. He discusses the influential people along the way, as well as what drove and drives him as an artist and the art he has made and what is currently driving him to shape his art now. It is interesting to see how certain shows can stick in people's lives and you will learn how Wizard of Oz and Godspell have been two of those shows for Ben. The first part of the chat focuses on his journey up until after college and the second part discusses life in New York City, theater, and the future. Ben is a non stop force of talent and a genuinely kind human being. He and his husband make up the award winning duo 2 To Fly and are a part of the fantastic Boys Night Revue (INFO HERE). In addition, he has a theater company full of dynamic and daring productions that are not to be missed:   2 Ring Circus   And while often quite literally juggling all of this he finds time to also have a circus school in the city for anyone wanting to "join the circus"- Aerial Arts

Episode 17: Delysia LaChatte


She's La Chatte's Meow

Delysia is a burlesque performer, choreographer, designer, and all around BossAss Bitch. We chat about her start in burlesque, starting her own bag and clothing line, Josephine Baker, trying to learn French, and the importance of Pomeranians in everyone's life!

To get yourself an amazing heart bag- GO HERE

Photo by Studio Rezin

Photo by Studio Rezin

Episode 16: Darlinda Just Darlinda


Darlinda Just Darlinda

Darlinda Just Darlinda is an artist, activist, creator of rainbows, and just an amazing human to be around. She is one half of the award winning Schlep Sisters, a member of Fou York, a teacher at the New York School of Burlesque, and a fellow Californian. She sits down to talk about her start in the burlesque world, her time at the original BHOF at the Helendale Goat Farm, as well as her new creation, the Untitled Rainbow Project.

We also go in to a little RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars (pre- DeLa exit and newest RP controversy), the correct way to pronounce LaCroix, and we both learn something new about Hedwig and the Angry Inch!

Most importantly, you get to hear how passionate Darlinda is about her art and bringing it to other people. Below are links to several projects and ways to help donate if you so choose!

UNTITLED RAINBOW PROJECT: For more information and donate, click HERE

Darlinda is also a member of the Fabulous Fou York- learn more HERE


Episode 15: Bunny Buxom


Bunny Buxom

She's an activist, producer, and burlesque performer... and hey she is currently battling a lawsuit. Bunny Buxom talks about pushing forward, how wrestling helped on those off days, and the pros and mostly cons of 50 Shades of Grey! And more importantly I start the campaign to get Bunny and Sheamus in the same room!!!!


Contribute to the legal defense in several ways:

1. The Go-Fund Me PAGE

2. Go to a show Bunny and Sapphire are both in: DETAILS

3. Support Bunny in general by checking out what she is up to: HERE

Episode 14: Gin Minsky


"We thought it was going to be a one off"

Ten years later and Gin Minsky has traveled all over the world tapping and performing burlesque. This dynamic and entertaining lady talks about her start in burlesque, the ins and outs of corporate gigs, her love of ice cream, and her fascinating adventures exploring abandoned locations.To see Gin's visits to some amazing abandoned places go HERE!

Photo by Jane Kratochvil Photography

Episode 13: Poison Ivory


"Just Be Present"

Poison Ivory is a burlesque performer currently living in New York City. She is the 2016 Queen of Burlesque. In this chat, she discusses the weight of wearing the crown, the highs and lows of her post reign life, as well as some amazing thoughts on performance, life, and staying vulnerable. She also discusses her love of her Passion Planner, the benefits of therapy, and the fantastic mentorship program she started for POC burlesque performers. If you would like to be a part of the mentorship program email requests to burlypocunite@gmail.com