Episode 19: Jezebel Express


Jezebel Express

A veteran NYC burlesque dancer who has been performing, teaching, and traveling the globe to shake and shimmy for over 10 years. 

Jezebel discusses what it was like after talking about her stroke on the Risk! podcast. She talks about the changes that followed, including her love of travel (and my apparent hatred of sailing), re-learning to use her body, and why we should remember every day the wonder that is our ability. We talk about the beginnings of her ASK JEZEBEL web page and what comes next. Jezebel breaks down the ridiculous standards of perfection that women face and how the beauty and fashion industry collect on our insecurities. I will leave you with a quote: " You are perfect just the way you are. You do not need to change to deserve love or respect. There are billions of ad dollars devoted to making women feel bad, because we ask for less and spend more when we believe we’re not worthy. It’s not your fault if you have those feelings, but I do want to affirm that you are good enough, right here, right now."

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Photo by Natasha Gornik