Episode 18: Ben Franklin





Creativity is a fucking work ethic

In this episode, the phenomenal Ben Franklin takes us on his journey of starting in musical theater. He discusses the influential people along the way, as well as what drove and drives him as an artist and the art he has made and what is currently driving him to shape his art now. It is interesting to see how certain shows can stick in people's lives and you will learn how Wizard of Oz and Godspell have been two of those shows for Ben. The first part of the chat focuses on his journey up until after college and the second part discusses life in New York City, theater, and the future. Ben is a non stop force of talent and a genuinely kind human being. He and his husband make up the award winning duo 2 To Fly and are a part of the fantastic Boys Night Revue (INFO HERE). In addition, he has a theater company full of dynamic and daring productions that are not to be missed:   2 Ring Circus   And while often quite literally juggling all of this he finds time to also have a circus school in the city for anyone wanting to "join the circus"- Aerial Arts