Daily Harvest

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As a hustling showgirl my schedule changes on a daily basis and I often work late into the night. I do try to keep as much routine as possible, which means waking up around the same time each morning (which kills when you get home at 2:30am), walking the dog, and then heading to an exercise class (I'm a huge SoulCycle and Rumble fan). Why am I telling you all of this? Because while I always find time for my morning coffee, I don't always do the smart thing and find time for breakfast.... enter Daily Harvest!

Once a month a magical box arrives at my door containing 24 delightful smoothies (and overnight oats, soups, bowls). Every morning I can quickly pop a smoothie into a blender and feel good about what I am eating and have the energy to carry me through to lunch. Cost wise I would spend much more on smoothies at Juice Press or grabbing a baked good at my local coffee shop, and they taste delicious and are healthy. I will be honest, some of them are a little too green based for me (the apple and greens is be exact) but overall I'm super excited to start my day healthy and at home!

And of course the whole company was founded by a boss ass bitch!!! Rachel Drori founded the company with two other women- chef Jessica Young and nutritionist Sara Jane Mercer. I am in love with supporting a woman run and founded company and the fact that it tastes good and is good for me helps.

Check out Daily Harvest here